'Reaching To Wider Market'-Sticky Rice

Sticky and north east aromatic Rice is one of the most exotic and nutritious rice that has been in the list of trending commodity across India as well as the globe. Moreover, this different coloured rice has brought rays of hope to the farmers of Tripura. As reported, the Sticky and aromatic rice farming was traditionally practice by tribal farmers of Tripura about thousand years ago, later it became tradition and more farmers are turning to it. 

Moreover, we have a bright example of farmers who are engaged in Sticky and north east aromatic Rice farming and enjoying double profit from agriculture. Today our story will portray the journey of these farmers belonged to Bagafa block of South Tripura district, Tripura. More than 150 farmers of the Bagafa Block under South Tripura District engaged in Sticky and aromatic rice farming and getting double profit than the conventional method of farming. realize the huge demand for the Sticky and aromatic rice farmers of the Bagafa Block increase their production. Due to involvement of middlemen and lack of knowledge about the supply chain, the farmers faced problems in marketing their produce. 

Govt of India with help of SFAC and SDS Guwahati (CBBO) promote one FPO in the Bagafa block of South Tripura district in Tripura i.e., Ishan Uday Farmer Producer company Ltd.  Main emphasis given to oil seed mustard promotion. Near about 20 Hector areas comes under mustard cultivation. Apart from Mustard, the FPO is also working on value chain of special paddy varieties. Lack of business knowledge and skills is the main hindrance for them to establish a competitive business organisation. SDS developed and implemented systematic support to FPO. 

SDS tried to make convergence with different Govt department which help to build the capacity of the farmers. The paddy growers got training, guidance and supportive supervision from the SDS agri-expert team & KVK south Tripura District.

Earlier farmers seal their Sticky rice Rs.60/ kg . The FPO now procuring from the farmers at Rs.70 per kg. FPC developed their own rice brand ” Mohamuni” with scientific, attractive packing and seal per kg (sticky and aromatic rice RS. 100 per kg at Agartala market). Farmers also get low-cost fertilizer pesticides and others input from FPC so that they can minimize the production cost. As a result, more members are being attracted towards the FPC and selling their goods. As of now the FPC would able to sell 1200 KG with in 40 days, with keeping 20% margin i.e., creating a profit of Rs 24000 in a turnover of Rs 120000/-.