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SDS has been leading ways to establish sustainable fisheries in NE Region

" SDS has been leading ways to establish sustainable fisheries in NE Region. 5+ years of experience in developing fishery value chains in Assam, Tripura and Odisha with 15,000+ fish farmers ".

India is the second-largest producer of cultural fisheries in the world. With freshwater aquaculture making up more than 95% of all aquaculture production, Indian aquaculture has increased six and a half times over the preceding two decades. The challenge is to make this growth more equitable as aquaculture emerges as a key strategy for helping small-holders achieve sustainability. Farmers with limited resources can easily embrace small-scale aquaculture because it is compact and less dangerous.


SDS has emerged as leader in supporting fisheries in scaling up and generating sustainable financial returns with its extensive experience and profound technical expertise in the growth of the fishing sector's value chain. SDS has organizational experience in setting up Hatchery, Nursery, Feed Mill, farmers training on production and post production, value addition and marketing. Apart from that SDS has assisted Northeast Rural Livelihood Project (NERLP) funded by World Bank to promote and nurture 2 Fishery women producer companies and 35 producer groups in Tripura.

Let’s talk about Numbers:


Number of fishery projects


Number of states we are working


Number of Fish producer



Number of Fish produce 



Number of modern 

feed mill


Number of hatcheries


Number of Nursery farmers


Number of fish famrers

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