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  • Client needs and context.

  • practical solutions to our client’s unique reality.

  • Engaging experience professionals.

  • Feedback from our client.

Experience tangible results focusing on 


We provide well rounded services to assist small holders achieve transformation in production and market practices.

Project Management Services

SDS’s team of specialists works at deal speed to help you achieve tangible project outcome

Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) Management

Leverage our end-to-end service in bringing small and marginal farmer under one umbrella to build a sustainable organization

Communication and Knowledge Management

Effective communication helps organizations to produce meaningful and cohesive messages to connect to stakeholders.

Monitoring & Evaluation

DS can help your agriculture produce develop into a brand and stand out in a non-differentiated market. In the absence of distinction, Branding activities become more crucial to boost returns.

Research & Development

We believe that Research is an instrument, which provide us evidence and information to concretize policies

Organizational development

Assisting client in formation and promotion of community owned organizations of smallholder farmers/ marginalized communities.

Energy, Environment & Climate change impact

Energy, environment and climate change is cross cutting area where SDS provides support to the client in their project area.

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