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Rural India employs more than 55% of the work-force share. Driven by traditional practices low extension & information asymmetry this is set to halve with rampant non remunerative agriculture practices. Youngsters, disillusioned, are moving away from agriculture – one of the mainstays of our GDP. Covid 19 has resulted in reverse migration and with studies suggesting that around 30% of reverse migrants never to return the rural sector has been dealt with a double blow. All rural sector actors need ***easy access to RELIABLE information*** as well as ***EASILY AVAILABLE technical mentoring*** at different levels

SDS Academy is an initiative by Sesta Development Services (SDS). SDSs’ experience of providing professional services in social development projects across the Eastern and North Eastern parts of India made it clear that there was a huge potential for rural appropriate skills promotion, and IT driven mentoring in the NE region in the current scenario. It is in this space that the Academy would be operating. Basic characteristics of SDS Academy are;

- Trainers having area specific field experience
- Online & Offline learning support for farmers, rural entrepreneurs, extension workers, rural development professionals
- Innovative & engaging learning methodology using IT tools and platforms.
- A cost-effective way of reaching out to large audience

**Differential factor**

- Course Curriculum designed as per Industry needs available in all Vernacular languages
- Serve end to end solution (From FARM to FORK)
- Instant remote solutions
- Hand holding support by harnessing the power of technology
- Small Holder farmer’s (agri & livestock) enterprise promotion
- Flexible time slots
- IVR support for the learner to close the feedback loop.

SDS Academy

SDS Academy

Rural India employs more than 55% of the work-force share.

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