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Knowledge shapes policy and Impact Study

“We believe that Research is an instrument, which provide us evidence and information to concretize policies.” -GRACe (Research Wing)


Across the globe, rural areas are undergoing rapid transformations caused by globalization, socio-economic policies, climate change, and environmental change. SDS is widely conducting research to bring social transformation in the rural community. Our strength lies in our commitment to investigative how development processes unfold through interdisciplinary conceptualizations and participatory methodologies. The agency consists of a team of highly professional and technically qualified personnel with diverse experiences in various field including research, monitoring, field, implementation, project management, report writing, business development.

Since 2013, SDS has pioneered applied research and policy analysis in the field of development sector. Mainly the organization is engaged with knowledge and power in agriculture and allied sectors, forestry, development, climate and environmental politics etc. The impact study guided the project in long run and SDS India implemented the project accordingly. Till date SDS India has completed several large scale research projects and supported various agencies like ‘ARIAS Society’, ‘Fourth Handloom Census in Tripura’ ‘NEDFi’, ‘TRAIDCRAFT Exchange’, ‘Selco Foundation’, ‘Nandi Foundation’ etc. Our main aim is to support you

Research design

RESEARCH DESIGNING is the core base of any research project.  Our professionals with highly experiences in development sectors, help in formulation of the project to make correct decision in actual time of practices, also makes it interesting by providing minute details at various levels of the project. Our research design ensures authentic, reliability, accuracy, consistency and legitimacy of the research.


Apart from research projects, we also conduct value chain study and internal evaluation study etc. for various other projects. Survey consists of in-house baseline survey, longitudinal survey, and retrospective survey. We have high quality human resources, who ensure recording of high-quality data sets. SDS India has completed several large-scale surveys supported various agencies such as NEDFi, NERLP, Handloom Census for government agencies, Nandi Foundation, etc.

Data Analysis

As new commercial models come to the fore, developers are realizing the importance of cohesive data and understandings.  Our expertise is in producing dynamic analyses that serve as a rapid response to the all quality development solution.SDS works forTransforming and modelling data, which we can eventually use for extracting various useful information, conclusions, and will help in supporting decision-making. Integrating theory with practice various research studies conducted by SDS India, tries to provide the practical and desired solution to client that are efficient and effective. Some of them include:Data inspecting

  • data structure set up

  • Existing data cleansing

  • Data analysing

  • Data visualization

  • Draw conclusion

Report Writing & Designing

A successful report brings significant and reliable information to the limelight. Our consultancy and research methods are designed to produce high quality reports and advice to clients, focused on delivering actionable insights. On the basis of information, our team make and design the report that help clients to make strong decision. SDS works to provide flexible and fruitful draft report to the need of audience. 


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